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Seeing pictures of nice big houses all day is inspiring, I know. It makes you wonder about how it is to own one of these pretty big houses, and not just dream of these luxury home interiors. If you made some plans about becoming a millionaire in the near future you have to know that when you will be, you will want to own a house with stunning architecture and incredible < href="">interior design. The vanity that’s screaming withing you will want to have luxury written all over it.

This means that it will probably look like the luxurious architectural designs that are in this article. There are 73 pics of houses, cause this isn’t a real estate site. Among the houses or, better called mansions, I added a hotel, an exception that earned its place in this selection.

The Black Beauty Tierra Villa is a vacation home located in the Black Beauty Village in Ostional. That’s a city well known for its National Wildlife Refuge in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Roca. This 2,992 square foot, three bedroom, two and a half bathroom contemporary home was developed by Kalia. It offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and ruby red skies at sunset.

Casa Big Sur is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece nestled in the lush tropical rain-forest. It is located in Dominical and the Southern Zone of Costa Rica where the lush verdant mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. This 6,500 square foot Balinese-style home is designed to optimize the views from every angle. It includes all the amenities you are accustomed to from a 5-Star Resort.

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